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    Dravacel – Pulp and Paper production and geothermal energy production

    The project Dravacel envisages the construction of pulp and paper production plant with capacity of 185,000 tons per year and paper factory with capacity of 440,000 tons per year and construction of 10 MW geothermal power plant (cogeneration of electricity and heat production from geothermal energy) and construction of 15 MW biopower plant (cogeneration of electricity and heat production from biomass).

    The pulp and paper production factory is going to be located in industrial zone Trnovača, near the Town of Slatina on the area of 81,392 m2 (geothermal power plant = 5,000 m2 + biopower plant = 4,000 m2 + pulp and paper plant = 72,392 m2).

    The project is based on the report by a leading geothermal engineering firm that has verified huge geothermal reserves in the vicinity of Slatina. These reserves are more than sufficient to supply the production of pulp and paper. Since 18% of costs in paper production and 35% in pulp production consists of heat energy, and 13-14% of costs in both productions consists of power energy, project structured like this is going to produce significantly lower paper production costs.

    Additionally, improved production technology is going to be installed, and cellulose production plant that would supply paper production with cellulosic raw material has already been planted with the aim of further increasing the competitiveness of company’s products.

    The first phase includes the construction of first unit, cogeneration for electricity and heat production from geothermal energy. Other three units (hot water over 100°C distribution system foreseen for the needs of the Town of Slatina, hot water under 100°C distribution system for the needs of particular subproject and process water distribution system) are planned to be implemented two years after the start of operation of cogeneration plant.

    The planned investment in the construction of pulp and paper factory is € 223 million and in the power plant € 90 million (in total € 313.3 million).

    Patented technology that will be applied in company Dravacel was presented on PTS Institute in Munchen on 1st and 2nd of July, 2014 (www.ptspaper.com), and after that on 25th of November, 2014. On European Paper Week – European convention of paper industry in Bruxelles, CEPI, (www.cepi.org). Dr. sc. Branka Lozo, head of department for graphic materials on Graphic Faculty on University of Zagreb (www.kcpk.nl), dr. Mateja Mešl from Institute for pulp from Ljubljana, ICP (www.icp-lj.si) , and PAN-Paper Mill Zagreb Ltd have been involved in our research.

    Characteristics of pulp which is better than pulp from wood can be seen on the link.